Summary: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to the optimization of a particular website with the aim of improving its position in the organic search results of the different search engines.

SEO consultants focus this optimization in two ways.

 On-Site SEO: Includes all those organic positioning tools that only and exclusively affect the internal factors of the website. On page SEO includes: keywords, loading time of the different pages, URL format and many other factors. SEO consultants optimize the website so that the search engine is able to understand when tracking it.

SEO Off-Site: Getting a better position in organic search results does not depend solely and exclusively on internal factors of the website. Therefore, SEO off Site tools are equally important. In this area, consultants are responsible for working on the quality of external links, a matter of great importance today, as well as other aspects such as social networks.

Is SEO really important?

There are many experts who have dared to point out that SEO is dead. Nothing could be further from the truth; simply the search behaviour of users has change in recent years. Therefore, to respond to their needs, SEO tools have had to adapt to this new behaviour.

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In the 21st century, we can hardly find any company that does not have a website. Therefore, the competition for occupying the first search results for certain keywords is fierce. Even more if we take into account that only 6% of users go beyond the first page of results in Google.

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Advantages of hiring an SEO consultant

Is it really worth outsourcing the SEO search engine service? Of course yes! The optimization of a website is key as long as it is done correctly. If SEO optimization tasks are performed by unqualified professionals, the effect on the website can even be counterproductive.

Therefore, the best option for any company is to hire an SEO consultant. Professionals with great training and experience in the area, able to take the website to the top positions in Google search results.

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In addition, you have to keep in mind that SEO is far from aesthetic. Google modifies its algorithm between 1 and 2 times every day. Therefore, it is essential to be up to date and adapt to the changes in order to perform the optimization correctly, always following the regulations indicated by the search engines.

Immediate results

Appearing on Google through SEO positioning strategies does not have to be an impossible task, in fact, by having specialists in this area you can get immediate results, in less time than estimated. Since these professionals know the most effective strategies to achieve the goal, they are likely to succeed. In this sense, the benefits of hiring an agency become remarkable.

Effective techniques: A true SEO positioning expert should be aware of all new techniques, as well as new aspects that are evaluated by search engines and the most effective strategies to avoid common penalties. In this sense, these professionals take the lead to beginner publishers, who slowly adapt to the latest information in this area of expertise.

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Many companies or individuals hire SEO experts to improve their visibility on the Internet.  But before hire make sure whether you hire the right company or not. So before hiring the Local SEO Expert ask these questions from him and make sure whether he is good for your work or not:

FAQ: Questions that will help you hire a SEO in conditions

What is the work you do?

As in any other service, when hiring SEO web positioning services, the first thing you should know is what type of work includes the service they are offering. Be wary of those offers of positioning that do not tell you what they are going to do, or at most they indicate that they are “high in search engines”.

Do you follow the guidelines of the main search engines?

You will meet SEO experts who try to place their pages in rankings quickly without taking into account the guidelines that mark the main search engines.  So confirm either selected expert follow guidelines of the search engines or not.

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How long can results are seen?

Any SEO strategy applied usually takes between 3 and 6 months to bear the first fruits. Even sometimes it may take a little longer. If a professional promises you infallible SEO techniques in record time of for example a month, distrust him.

Ask him about his previous project and result obtained for them?

Finding a good Best SEO Company is the same as buying any other product or service. You will want to see opinions, comments, testimonials, studies and know which companies they work with or have worked with. Do not expect companies that offer are not able to show you their previous results. Although there are many who will be happy to show you several examples with renowned clients.

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How do we pay for your web positioning services?

The time has come to address the economic issue. It is important to know how much and when you will have to pay, so you can anticipate it in your budget. Since SEO can be done in many different ways, many consultants will charge during the project, depending on whether the objectives are met or not.

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How do we contact you?

SEO projects are different from digital services, since you don’t need to contact the SEO company several times a month. However, if something goes wrong or an important problem arises that you want to discuss, you want to be able to get a response from the company or professional as soon as possible. Therefore, find out what communication methods they prefer and explain yours.

Ask the expert is he is updated about the latest update of Search Engines?

The goal of all this is to filter out inexperienced SEOs or those who are trying to make quick money without having experience in the sector. You really want (and need) to keep up to date with SEO news. One way to test this quickly is to ask him to name some of the latest algorithm changes (the most important).