SEO Hacks
SEO Hacks

You can find a ton of blogs that list SEO tips. The problem with many of these lists is that they either cover obvious tips you already know or they are pushing ideas that would require a lot of time and effort for very little in return. 

Maybe you already know the basics of SEO. You might even have a favorite SEO tool that has helped you get more from your time and effort. At this point, you are probably looking for new ways to increase your rankings, but you are tired of seeing the same tips everywhere or getting advice that does not really help.

Read on to learn about a few actionable SEO tips you can start using now.

Perform a Content Audit

Developing new content is good, but there is a chance you could get more from the content you already have. By performing a content audit, you can evaluate the content you already have on your site and assess whether there are things you could do to increase the effectiveness of existing content. Along with that, a content audit could be a way to improve the user experience for those who visit your site.

With a good content audit, you will find pages that need to be updated or ones that might need to be deleted. You might find that some older pages need to have new keywords added or that two posts on the same topic could be combined to have a greater effect. 

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Internal Links for New Posts

You probably already know that internal links can do a lot for your website. They can help search engines understand the meaning of a page on your website and indicate the importance of a page in the context of the site. 

Most of us make sure our new posts have links back to existing pages, but many of us don’t think to add links to the new page or post. If you want to help new pages rank well from the beginning, add internal links right away. Any time you add a new page or post, you should go to existing content to look for internal linking opportunities. It is a simple step, but it can make a big difference.

Expand on Old Posts

As good as your posts might be, there are bound to be some missed opportunities. Maybe there was a small subtopic you didn’t think to cover when you first wrote the piece. It could be new information about a topic that was not available when you wrote the original. Whatever it is, you should look for ways to improve older content.

One way you can do this is by searching the keywords that are relevant to a piece that is underperforming. Look at the pages that come up in the results and compare them to the content you have. Does a competing page have additional information that could be useful in your piece? Are they ranking for any keywords that your page missed?

Turn Blogs Into Videos

Written content isn’t for everyone. Some people open a page and see a long written piece and go back to the results to find a video. One way to make sure you keep these visitors is to turn your popular blog posts into videos. 

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Having a video on the topic will expand your reach and it will also improve your search ranking. You could link back from the YouTube video to the blog post and you could also embed the video on the page. 

Use a Caching Plugin on Your Website

Loading speed can have a significant impact on the user experience of your website. If it takes too long to load, visitors might bounce and that can hurt your search ranking. Along with that, search engines analyze web pages for performance. If the pages have long loading speeds, it will hurt your rankings.

Caching is one way to make sure your site loads quickly. You don’t even need technical expertise to enable caching. Website owners have a variety of caching plugins that can turn the feature on without them having to add any code to the site.

Combined with a strong SEO strategy, these tips can do a lot to take your organic rankings to the next level. Better yet, none of these tips requires technical expertise or a lot of time. Most businesses should be able to implement these tips over the course of a few days.