Managing business enterprise has become considerably difficult in the age of consistently developing technology. You need to take care of every little detail pertaining to every little activity performed within your organisation. You need to make sure the accounting department is keeping accurate records of your transactions and churning out conclusive financial statements. You need to supervise the way your Accounts are nurtured by the Account Managers. You need to ensure the best media platform is chosen and bought by the Media Planners and Buyers. You also need to ensure highly capable personnel are being employed by your Human Resource team. 

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However, the department that is the most dynamic and therefore difficult to overlook is Marketing department. This is the department that is making sure your business house generates the required revenue and helps you gain the trust of your customers. No matter how efficient your firm is, dealing with customers is arguably the most challenging aspect of running a business enterprise.

Customer Relationship Management 

When it comes to customers, it is important that you give special attention to Customer Relationship Management (CRM). This is the set of activities performed by a marketing (especially sales) department a business organisation that is concerned with managing the customers and making sure they receive the best of services offered to them. 

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One of the most critical aspects of CRM is maintaining the mammoth customer database. A business house generates and stores huge amount of data on a regular basis that needs to be managed and updated regularly. The size and complexity of this data is so huge that traditional method cannot be employed to deal with the same. This is why specialised CRM software platforms are developed in order to help businesses in taking care of the practice of CRM in a computerised manner.

What Is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the ultimate market leader when it comes to business CRM software. It has been ruling the market for more than twenty years and several business enterprises have benefitted from its services. Salesforce CRM is the software platform designed to record, store, process and assess important customer database. The platform comes with several interactive features, components and tools that do a lot of your team’s work and reduces human effort to a considerable extent.

Salesforce is also a highly automated platform that helps you in performing certain marketing tasks in a computerised manner. This also saves considerable amount of time otherwise spent in performing the same tasks physically. Here is everything you need to know about Salesforce if you are planning to get it installed in your system.

Lead Generation and Scoring

One of the primary and most important services provided by Salesforce is that of helping you generate suitable leads. A lead is a customer you approach that might show favourable response towards your businesses and might indulge in a transaction with you. Salesforce provides you with a platform that helps you in choosing the most suitable platform to generate leads and enter them in your systems. Later, the platform also grades the leads according to their responses. It ranks the ones with a favourable response higher as compared to the ones that do not show much response. This helps you prioritise the leads you should go ahead with.

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Lead Qualification and Nurturing

Salesforce is not just limited to scoring your leads. It also segregates the leads that have high chances of conversion and suggest you to go ahead with them. The platform also has an automated sales pipeline on which you can add your leads that fall into a concerned stage of the sales cycle. Salesforce allows you to clean your sales pipeline of the leads that are unresponsive and adds them to a separate pipeline. This way, your primary pipeline will only comprise of the qualified leads and you will be able to deal with the unresponsive leads separately. Furthermore, Salesforce also helps you choose the most suitable channel of communication as well as the persuasive messages to use at every stage of your sales cycle, making sure you close the deal successfully. 

Is Salesforce Only For The Big Shots?

One of the most common misconceptions revolving around the use of Salesforce is the fact that it is only build for the businesses functioning on a larger scale of operations. Though it is a fact that Salesforce comes with a variety of features that can be used in certain complicated and large-scale areas of business operations, it can also be used by small and medium enterprises. Salesforce is a highly customisable software platform which can be tailored according to your needs. If you do not require an extensive use of the platform, you can opt for certain basic features offered by Salesforce and make the most out of them. You can therefore get the software installed in your system the manner in which your business would allow you to do so. 

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Salesforce Lightning

In spite of not changing its look and feel for quite a long time, Salesforce came up with a new interface in 2015 called Salesforce Lightning. It is a more advanced version of Salesforce that ensures high automation and accuracy provided to the concerned users. Lightning has an interactive user interface that is easy to use and makes sure your team has to do less of physical labour while dealing with your CRM. 


Salesforce Lightning also offers high automation to its users by gathering relevant information from the behaviour of your customers, the activities of your sales team and the opportunities you set out to tap and gives you valid feedback on how your team has performed and where your business marketing stands. Lightning also makes the best use of Salesforce Sales Cloud with a new artificial intelligence component named Einstein. This component scans through relevant information in your system and makes suitable predictions related to the way your customers are likely to behave, ultimately allowing you to take critical steps deemed to be best for your business.