Although being in a car accident can be a traumatic experience, there is a specific protocol to be followed to ensure the safety of the persons involved and to ease the process that will take place after. Make sure not to panic and instead keep in mind the following things to do after a car accident.

1.Check for injuries

They say, “You can’t enjoy wealth if you’re not in good health.” And this step is as simple as that. Always begin by making sure that there have been no injuries sustained. Only then can the individual move on to the other things to keep a check on after a car accident.

While checking for injuries, look out for any bone fractures, wounds, or blood. Also, make sure to pay keen attention to the head and the legs as these are the parts of the body most prone to injuries when in a car accident.

2.Check on the passengers

If you were traveling alone when you got into a car accident, then you can skip this step. But after making sure that you are entirely free of any injury, look over to make sure your passengers are okay.


Repeat the step of checking for injuries on your passengers. Check for fractures, bleeding wounds, and concussions in all your passengers with acute care.

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3.Move away from the car

When a car has been in a collision or any similar accident on a large scale, chances of the car eventually blowing up are quite high. The individual and all persons involved are to make sure to move away immediately.

Find a safe spot at a considerable distance from the accident and make sure to warn all passers-by of the danger of the situation.

4.Call the Police

To ensure the safety of ourselves, the other party involved in the accident and any other people present or passing by; it would be for the best to call for help, which is to call the Police. Calling the Police is a step most people tend to look over for fear of falling into legal trouble.

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The Police can be of critical help by taking the situation under control. The Police will take up the role of warning passers-by and moving any traffic that has formed. They can help in cases where there have been any escalations between the parties involved in the accident.

5.Seek medical help

Even if you have not found anything wrong while checking for injuries, it would be for the best to seek medical attention. The chances of a concussion or a mild head injury are always plausible. Make sure to get a go-ahead from a doctor before moving on.

6.Exchange information

After making sure the well-being of all involved parties, it is time to move on to the more fiscal part of the process. Always make sure to keep calm and approach the other person involved with care. Before getting to the point of asking for the driver’s information, inquire if they are alright.

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Ask for information such as;

  • Name and contact number
  • Driver’s license and registration
  • The license plate number of the car
  • Make and color of the car
  • Insurance information of the person
  • The location where the car accident took place.

7.Document the accident

When considering applying for a claim, it is crucial to have substantial evidence to back up your claims. Thus, documentation of the car accident is vital. Exchanging information with the other party involved can also be considered documentation.

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But for a more reliable form of information, make sure to take pictures. Take pictures of the whole scene and also of the damages sustained by the car to file for claims. The individual can also make written or oral notes by narrating the incident and the damages to the car and person. If you need any help in documenting the accident then you can visit auto glass repair shop surrey.

8.Determine the insurance coverage

The time has come to determine whether or not your automobile insurance will cover the charges of the claims.

The basis of determination is by the insurance coverage opted and the degree of the accident. Thus, it is essential always to read the conditions to make claims and also to opt for a more diverse package when it comes to the kind of accidents the insurance will account for.

9.Decide to file the claim

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when planning on filing for a claim because if the car accident, once investigated, turns out to be your fault; then it could cost you a lot financially.

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But if you are at no fault, then the other person’s insurance company will contact you and ask you to get a repair estimate of it all.

10.Report the incident to your insurance company

Insurance companies recommend letting your insurance company of the car accident as soon as possible. Some experts recommend calling them on the spot; this is because the insurance agent will be able to walk you through the process after assessing all the facts.

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Final Words

Being in a car accident can leave even the most prolific drivers shaken, but it is essential not to let that get in the way and take the responsible steps after a car accident.