Employer Nomination Subclass 186 Visa allows employer nominated skilled workers to work and live permanently in Australia. This visa is applicable for both the applicant who are staying outside Australia as well as those who are already Woking and staying in Australia on a temporary basis. The basic requirement of this visa is the applicant must be completed a skill test and be nominated by an employer of Australia. Mainly this visa subclass is three types, each stream has different requirements. Applicant must meet the requirements to be eligible for this visa. 

Benefits of the Subclass 186 Visa:

Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 Visa is a permanent residence visa for the applicant and applicant’s family, other benefits are the following:

  •   Staying and working in Australia indefinitely or permanently.
  •   It will allow studying
  •   Eligible to enrol in Medicare according to the universal health care scheme of Australia
  •   Can apply for Australian Citizenship
  •   Permanent and temporary Australian visa for eligible sponsor relatives
  •   To and from travel Australia
  •   Family members (dependent) may be included.


The basic requirements for the visa subclass are-

  •   You must be nominated by an Australian employer.
  •   Your age must be less than 50 years.
  •   You should meet the Standard English language proficiency test i.e. IELTS, PTE academy, OET, CAE, and Toefl etc.
  •   Subclass 186 visa permits you in Australia to work under one of three streams:

(1)    The Direct Entry Stream

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(2)    The Temporary Residence Stream

(3)    The Agreement Stream

General requirements and eligibility of each stream has discussed below

(1)    The Direct Entry Stream– This visa allows employer nominated skilled worker to work and live in Australia on a permanent basis. To apply on this scheme an applicant must fulfil above written basic requirements along with that

    Applicant’s occupation must be listed on Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL), else they are not eligible

    Applicant must hold a skills assessment successfully

    Applicant must have relevant work experiences

    Should fulfil appropriate health and character requirements

    The nominating employer of the applicant should meet training benchmark, be lawfully and actively functioning in Australia and not have any adversary information against it.

    Processing Fees: AUD$, 3755 (Approx.)

        Processing Time: 13-14 months (Approx.)

(2)    The Temporary Residence Stream- This type of stream allows the applicant to apply for permanent residence. This visa stream is applicable for those applicants who hold 457 visa i.e. temporary work visa and has already completed at least two years. To apply on this scheme applicant must fulfil the basic requirements along with that:

  •   The nominating employer of the applicant should meet training benchmark, be lawfully and actively functioning in Australia, fulfilled with its responsibilities as a Subclass 457 sponsor approved and not have any adversary information against it.
  •   The position nominated for the applicant should be genuine and full time, it must be available for at least 2 years and the related or same position was permitted for the Subclass 457 visa, fulfil salary and conditions as per the market.
  •   Applicant must hold Subclass 457 visa and fulfil related character, health requirements
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Processing Cost:  AUD$, 3755 (Approx.)

Processing Time: 11-13 months (Approx.)

(3)    Labour Agreement stream– This visa stream allows skilled worker to work and live in Australia permanently. Those applicants who are nominated by an Australian employer can be eligible. The employer must have moved into a Labour Agreement agreed and negotiated by the Australian Government. Applicant must fulfil the basic requirements mentioned above along with that health and character requirements also.

Processing Cost: AUD $, 3755(Approx.)

Processing Time: Unavailable (low volume of application)

How to apply?

Step 1: Applicant should fulfil all the basic requirements 

You should meet both the specific and basic requirements of the visa. Specific requirements include stream individual requirements for which the applicants are applying. The Subclass 186 visa lets you live and work in Australia under any one of the three streams mentioned above

Step 2: Applicant’s Employer should lodge their Nomination

At first, Employer should lodge in place of an applicant before the application of the visa to the Australian Department of Home Affairs (DHA).  This nomination should include the occupation, terms, and conditions.

Step 3- Applicant’s Documents should be ready

This Subclass 186 visa requires submitting many documents along with the application as a supporting proof.

Step 4- Lodge the Application Online

The Employer Nomination Scheme (Subclass 186) visa needs to apply online. While application the supporting documents should be ready, and application fee payment must be done online.

Step 5-Wait for the approval

It can take few months’ time (as per the stream) to make decision for the DHA of your visa application.

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Step 6- Receive your visa approval 

After approval, you can get visa and can continue or start working in Australia.