Best biometric gun safe with fingerprint recognition: Gun vault speed Vault SVB500

It is ideal for quick access .the SVB500 speed vault biometrics permits to usable for the owner to his fingerprints as your unlocking code. It is a very simple design to fit anyone. Your home and business must safe with the help of fingerprint handguns.
A California-give the permission to speed vault of biometric It is an clear device to grow several particular and limited attribute. Seed vault is endangered to hidden entry

Key features:

  • Biometric fingerprint scanner
  • Activation button
  • Holds up to 20 individual fingerprints
  • Various mounting options
  • 18-gauge steel
  • Mounting hardware
  • Backup override key
  • Anti-hand prying design
  • Internal has foam lining
  • fast activation drop-down drawer

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It is ideal security for one handgun has the individual design but more than that you can take this all over.
The biometric version SVB500 records the fingerprints fastly and it provides the quickly operate system. Initially, if you choose the more traditional safe then safe combination style is available.
The vaultVT20 handgun safe and sentry safe pistol are both have biometric and its offers are equal.


  • Weight-7 pounds
  • External dimensions-13*3.5*6.5inches
  • Internal dimensions-None provided
  • Construction material-18-gauge steel
  • Batteries required -1*9V battery
  • Batteries supplied ?-NO
  • Colour-Black
  • Fireproof-NO
  • Waterproof-No
  • Mounting –Anywhere
  • Warranty –None provided, though customers can contact Gun Vaults to arrange one.
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Gun vault speed Vault SVB500

#1.Easy to use

The SVB500 comes with 2 versions one is the combination and another is biometrics. The main function of biometric is fingerprint scanner and is very superior and versatile to utilize.becasue you just press on the scanner and it easily read and stores the record of your thumb.
You can easily 20 times print your finger. The combination style is fastly accessed the electronic keypad. Backup is overridden key to produce the all requirement mounting to the hardware.


Combination & biometrics are made with 18 gauge steel with interior foam and LED lights as well as anti-prying design. The battery is required it gives a minimum 5-year warranty.
The security level is enough for both versions so unauthorised person cannot open your confidential data or records.
Both versions styles are smooth but biometrics is easy to use if there is break or any critical situation you easily forget your 3 or 5 digit code. But biometric gun safe are just you press and unit are opens. It’s beginning in minimum seconds
If you pressed the reader button then LED light turns into green. However, it held down to produce the whole fresh light without notify the cat burglar of your presence.


The SVB500 room has various types of weapons like as Glock 21 or 23.its perfectly suitable for any pistol.


The mounting plate includes the securely improve the long period path toward make the SVB500 convenient to operate. The thick size is SVB500 is play the main role of long-lasting gun safe .it is one of the most modern gun safe.

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The SVB500 is secure but it is more is durable. More effective handling of some bumps and hits are present in 18 gauge steel.

Advantage & dis–advantages of Gun vault speed Vault SVB500

  • PROS
    Constructed from heavy-duty steel
  • Soft foam interior which protects your valuables
  • The high strength locking mechanism
  • Anti-pry design
  • Easy to open
  • Discreet design
  • Durable built
  • Reliable biometric mechanisms
  • Holds most pistols
  • CONS
  • Not enough space in the interior
  • Longer battery life would have been better
  • Interior foam is not removable

Final words

As per the analysis, It is very versatile is more convenient and dependable and good looking. For fast operating your gun to keep away your gun form children, the safe will suffice.