In recent years subscription services of all kinds have become more and more popular. Specifically, Netflix has opened the way to access to a wide range of quality series, movies and documentaries. Other providers followed (eg Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV and Disney +).

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By the same token, but in the video game arena, Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass appeared (enabling you to play an unlimited number of videogames for a small fee), followed by Apple Arcade and Antstream. In short, users seem to prefer to pay a reasonable amount to have their favorite digital content legally and directly online.

Thus, Google Play Pass became available at the end of September to Android device owners (mobile, tablet, android boxes), that is, to over 1.2 billion active users. In fact, this is a new kind of subscription that gives full monthly access to many games and applications!

Operation and availability

In essence Google Play Pass is a pass for almost free download from the Play Store. That is, you will be able to download and install many apps that required payment before. This way you will have the full functionality of an application, while also avoiding ads and further in-app transactions. There will also be a growing list of games and applications available for you to choose from, and Google has announced that it will include many popular and first-rate applications. Of course, although games will be the main reason, there will even be office, music, or general-purpose applications.

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Especially for games there will be quite popular. For example, Limbo, Terraria and Star Wars: KOTOR have been announced for the start.

Finally, note that the service will initially only be available in the US, but soon many countries (and Greece) will follow. A 10 day trial period will be allowed and family packages will be offered (1 account with up to 5 members).

Why it concerns you

The service may be of interest to you if you are a gamer, if you generally enjoy a lot of mobile apps and like to try and compare apps.

The advantages include the many toys offered and so-called family friendly titles (especially if you have young children). In addition, you save from targeted advertising (which has at times been linked to privacy issues and malware). Each app is acquired in its entirety without having to purchase items through the app itself.

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Comparison with competition

Although more and more players will emerge in the market in the future (eg Netflix wants to expand into gaming as well), the main direct competitor is the Apple Arcade. Available to Apple device owners (iPhone, iPad, Mac) and paired with Apple TV (optional).

However, Google Play Pass offers more apps overall, not just games.