free online marketing books
free online marketing books

Although this year there are still restrictions due to the pandemic, we are beginning to return to normal and the stalls of books and roses have invaded the streets of many parts of world.

In addition to congratulating you on Sant Jordi’s Day and Book Day, at Cyberclick we also want to remind you that not all books are on paper. So we want to take this opportunity to share our marketing knowledge by making these 5 online marketing books completely free at your fingertips  , to download and read when you feel like it the most.

We hope they help you to continue expanding your knowledge and making  online marketing  more and more effective.


5 free online marketing books to celebrate Book Day 2021

1)  180 digital marketing trends and predictions for 2021

Digital marketing is constantly changing. In this ebook we will tell you the latest news about online marketing and advertising so that you can develop your marketing strategies for 2021.

You can check the trends on:

  • Digital marketing,
  • Social media,
  • Video Marketing,
  • Email Marketing,
  • Programmatic Advertising,
  • Native Advertising and Branded Content,
  • Content Marketing,
  • Inbound Marketing,
  • SEO,
  • SEM,
  • Data analytics,
  • Web Design and User Experience (UX),
  • Ecommerce,
  • OOH Digital Advertising,
  • Podcasting,
  • Automation Marketing,
  • OTT services,
  • New channels and formats (eSports or Advergaming),
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Direct download from  here.

2)  SEM and Google Ads 2021

In this other ebook we explain the advantages of implementing an SEM campaign in your online marketing and advertising strategy, using the Google Ads platform for 2021. In it you will learn:

  • What is SEM
  • Principles for developing a good SEM campaign
  • How to make a good SEM campaign in Google Ads
  • Set the metrics
  • + VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to set up a campaign.

Direct download from  here .

3)  Definitive Guide on Native Advertising in 2021

With this ebook you will discover how native advertising works, what its history is, what metrics are the most important to analyze and what its trends are.

You will also find:

  • Difference between native advertising and content marketing
  • Native advertising formats
  • Advantages of native advertising
  • Tools to manage native advertising campaigns
  • Success stories

Direct download from  here .


4)  The 40 best strategies to optimize your ecommerce

We wanted to create this complete guide divided into three sections with tips focused on improving and optimizing your ecommerce:

  • A chapter focused on how to optimize a new brand ecommerce launched from scratch,
  • another dedicated to established brands with a physical store that have decided to launch their digital store for the first time,
  • and the last point oriented to optimization tips for companies with ecommerce and a brand already consolidated on the internet, but who need a push to relaunch their online sales.

We recommend that you read all the points of this publication, because they are important and interesting, but if you cannot go directly to the section that best suits your reality .

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Direct download from  here .


5)  How to automate your sales team in 5 steps (+ checklist)

In this ebook and with the checklist we are going to see  how to automate our sales team . If you want to work sales in the digital environment, change your approach to the sales process and take advantage of technology to generate a much more personalized relationship with customers, this content pack focused on digital sales is perfect for you.

Direct download from  here .


Happy Sant Jordi and Book Day to all of you who follow us day after day on Numerical Blog and to people passionate about digital marketing. 🙂