HMI touch screens allow humans and machines to communicate at a high level. Touch screens enable numerous variables and multiple control options that can be tailored to your requirements, improving your business processes. Information is displayed in real time in LED or LCD providing an interface that displays alerts and allows adjustments to machine processes to be made at a very accessible level. HMI touch screens can be fully programmed and can enable simulations offline, recipe management and fieldbus configurations.  

Variables to suit your business 

Data that is retrieved from the equipment processes are instantly displayed as graphs, lists or tables as required to make receiving information easier and input more readily acted upon.  Any number of objects and view options are available including icons, geometric objects, switches and buttons and date/time fields. To suit the nature of your business process, task planning can be task controlled or time controlled, with the option of altering the variables at any time. Images and number of objects per image is vast – the Siemens TP700 Series Touch Screen, for example offers 500 images with 400 objects per image and  2048 separate variables.

Data storage 

All data can be archived in long or short term memory, with data storage enabled in memory card, USB stick, ethernet or wireless transference.  Data can be transferred directly to the cloud, or via wireless internet according to convenience. 

Increase productivity and safety 

The customised HMI touch screen is available in a variety of sizes which can be mounted on vehicle dashboards or plant walls either vertically or horizontally and can also be hand-held for remote control.  Safety is greatly improved when the operator can dismount from a vehicle and perform hoisting or lowering tasks with a clear view of the procedure, while being well out of the hazard zone.  

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All HMI touch screens can be configured specifically to your requirements giving operators full control of plant, vehicle, mining or any business process at all times.  With a visual graphic display, operators can follow material flow visually represented on screen, immediately receive alerts of blockages, overheating or other failures and are shown exactly where they have occurred.  

This allows for preventative maintenance to be carried out avoiding dangerous machine failures and increases workplace safety.  Repairs and adjustments can be made remotely using the touch screen controls which also enhances safety for workers. The rapid transfer of information greatly reduces downtime allowing an increase in productivity and output. 

Touch Screen security and comfort

As well as business processes, the HMI touch screen can be configured to operate atmospheric controls in a building or office, including air conditioning, heating, alarms and cameras, allowing continuous remote monitoring.  

HMI touch screens come in a variety of materials according to the requirements of your building.  Graphite construction enables high shock or vibration tolerances and wider operating temperatures for harsh conditions, while aluminium and plastic are available for less robust uses.  

Consult an HMI touch screen specialist to streamline your business processes with an interface that lets you talk directly to your machines.