List of YTS Proxy and Mirror Sites

Even though there is someone else behind the controls of the YTS brand today, you will still find an incredible collection of movies available through the links on this platform. Because the streaming and downloading options often contain copyright-protected materials, most of the proxies and mirrors are proactively geo-blocked to prevent user access.

Some users even struggle to reach this content using their virtual private networks because of the extensive systems that are in place.

Here is the list of the best YTS proxy and mirror sites that are currently available. Even though some still operate under the YIFY identification, they redirect toward the current iteration of the website.

Although you will find a different appearance on some of these sites when you access them, the content still comes from the same resource. That means you have an opportunity to access 1080p-quality movies from the convenience of your device thanks to this platform.

User Experience of YTS

YTS provides advertising links that appear at the top of the page as a way to generate revenues. These ads are location-based and access cookies, so you will see options based on previous search histories or your home ISP based on your IP address. That is one reason why a virtual private network is an advantage when using this site.

This platform is also one of the few that is available today which offers users access to 3D movies and streaming content that replicate the experience if you have the glasses to wear at home.

Searching for content on YTS is not necessarily a user-friendly experience. When you reach the home page, then you are given a series of movie choices to select with an image of the poster from its release. Hover your mouse over the image to receive a rating of the film. Click on the “View Details” button to choose the various options of availability. Then scroll down to review the technical aspects of the film, including the FPS and language audio.

The interface itself is rather simple by design. This process makes it fast and easy to access your preferred torrents without going through meaningless steps or searches. The most popular content is always at the top of the screen, which means you can start enjoying something in just seconds.

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If you do not want to see any of the movies which are listed on the home screen, then you must scroll all of the way to the bottom of the page to find a browse link. Here you can access the blog for YTS or make requests for specific content.

Accessing YTS Content Online

Since the shutdown of the original YTS and YIFY brands, there have been several imitators who have started to use the name to create download repositories. After a few evolutions and domain transfers, the domain is the most prevalent and the only one that is available through locations like Kickass Torrents.

Once you make it through the initial blockages (if they exist), then you will find that the benefits of using this platform for your content needs are still present from the previous iteration.

1. The audio encoding is one of the most advanced systems available for torrents today, reducing the quality issues that were often found in the past when downloading or streaming this type of content.

2. Security improvements work to improve the user privacy experience, reducing the need to release personal information to share or receive content.

3. There are fewer issues with advertising and malware on YTS today than there was in the past.

4. You have an opportunity to choose content which offers subtitles if you are unable to access torrents that are available in your preferred language.

The subtitles version of YTS (using the YIFY name) is the one distinctive advantage you will find with this platform thanks to its extensive collection of anime. You will gain access to several torrents that allow you to understand the dialogue without trying to interpret what is happening on your own.

When to Choose YTS for Torrents

Despite YTS evolving to a different experience after the original owner shut down the site, you still receive a similar user experience. The benefit of HD videos with short download times still exists when this is your torrenting preference.

If you love anime and movies, then this site offers numerous opportunities to explore new content. Although there are likely copyright issues involved with most files, you can use this platform as a chance to find new titles that you may not have considered watching otherwise.

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Then make sure to use a virtual private network for the best possible experience. Some users can access the primary sites today with a standard browser, but there are numerous geographic ISP blocks in place. Anonymizing your traffic can then help you explore the torrents that you want to see.

What is YIFY?, also known as YIFY Torrents or YIFY movies, is the best place to find and download video torrents.
YIFY provides a great way to download files in any format including 720p HD, 1080p full HD, and Blu-Ray. YIFY is completely free to use; users will never be charged to access the website or unblock YIFY movies. What’s so great about the website is that users can download the best quality videos, including subtitles in different languages, completely free. Lots of people visit the website, partly because most other torrent websites have conditions and requirements for accessing the torrents.

How to Unblock YIFY with a VPN.

A VPN is the most common way to get YIFY unblock. There are mirror sites and proxies that allow people access to YIFY. If you don’t want anyone to know that you’re accessing YIFY through a YTS proxy, then you should use a VPN.
A VPN is a virtual private network. Users of VPNs are basically using a private network. Using a VPN as a YIFY torrents unblock method means that no one else can see what you’re doing. This doesn’t mean that everything is completely safe when you use a VPN as a YTS proxy

Given that you are accessing networks outside of your ISP, it’s recommended that you put some money into it rather than using a free one. That way you can be sure you are browsing safely. Free VPN sites do exist, but keep in mind that you do get what you pay for; you don’t get the same features, speeds, and quality of servers with free options.

Here we have a list of some of the most trusted VPN sites for you take a look at: NordVPNCyberGhost VPNIPVanish, ExpressVPN, VyprVPNTunnelBearHotspot ShieldWindscribe.

The Best Alternatives to YIFY

Kickass Torrents

If you need an alternative to YIFY proxies, then you should consider using Kickass Torrents. The website was launched back in 2008, and it is one of the best torrent sites on the market. Thanks to a massive database of over 10 million torrents that is expanding every day, Kickass is, well, kickass. KAT has an API and a brilliant indexing system covering over 9 categories. The torrents are monitored and rated by the community for their health and relevance, to ensure you are getting access to a good torrent. If you aren’t able to find the torrent you need, there’s a dedicated request section on Kickass Torrents where you can request the torrent you need.

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LimeTorrents has been around for some time now, and it is finally getting the glory it deserves for offering torrents of all genres. LimeTorrents stand out for their health bar on torrents. Compared to YIFY proxy services, it can save you time by letting you know if you should spend the time and bandwidth it takes to download a torrent. You may not need to unblock YIFY for as long as you have access to LimeTorrents.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is another alternative for using a proxy with YIFY. It’s one of the oldest torrent databases around. If you were to think of YIFY as being the Google for torrents, then the Pirate Bay takes this above and beyond the next level. The website actually is like a Google search page and has a wide range of categories. Just as there are lots of proxies for YIFY, there are lots of proxies for The Pirate Bay too.


Confused by the name 1337x and not sure how to pronounce it? Cast your mind back to the early days of the internet. 1337 means “leet”, which is a term used to refer to the “elite” by hackers. The term was adopted by regular internet users over time. 1337x itself has a large database packed full of torrent files and magnet links that can be downloaded through BitTorrent. 1337x is a public tracker, which is what you get with a YIFY proxy, but 1337x has specific ranks for registered users. This system is beneficial for generating competition between users and a sign that different pieces of content can be trusted.

Torrentsz2 is the godfather of all torrent sites. This website accumulates every torrent from major torrent sites. It’s like a storehouse of the different torrent sites that shows the content from different torrent sites. It’s closer to the Google of torrents than any other website and you should be able to find anything you want here.