Self-Defence Gadgets
Self-Defence Gadgets

Imagine coming out of a theatre show late at night. It’s dark, the alleyway is spookily clean. You immediately confront a criminal who is armed and wants to loot you. What do you do?

No matter how properly policed your neighborhood is, you can never be fully prepared for a situation like this. If you thought that the above example from the Batman movie, think again. This is a very common scenario that takes place thousands of times in different locations.

This is why self-defense experts suggest that carrying proper gadgets can help keep you and your family safe when confronted with such an incident.

In this article, we speak to leading experts at the We the People Holsters review. We ask them to list down five gadgets that can help in ensuring complete safety.

List of 5 Self-Defense Gadgets you Need to Invest in for Safety

1.A Small Concealed Firearm- 

Carrying a firearm is permitted legally by the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. It should be pointed out that different states have different rules and regulations when it comes to concealed carry. However, if you are looking to get out of a sticky situation this can be a great approach.

You would want to engage in prior gun training, getting your permit, and investing in a holster to carry the concealed weapon. Remember, that carrying a concealed weapon is a lot of responsibility and you need to be adequately prepared to do the same.

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2.Stun Gun in a Cell Phone- 

If you are uncomfortable with carrying a firearm, you can always carry a cell phone, right? We are talking about not just any cell phone, but one that can deliver hundreds of volts at the press of a button. This is the perfect gadget for everyone looking to keep a safe and low profile.

All you need to do is ensure that it is always charged before you leave the home. You can safely keep it in your bag and carry it everywhere. In recent years, this has become quite popular among women that are looking to keep themselves safe from molesters in public spaces.

3.A ‘Bright’ Flashlight- 

You might think that a flashlight is a small and simple gadget that cannot help in self-defense. This is far from the truth. Many manufacturers specializing in self-defense tech have created flashlights that can deliver blinding lights from a small device.

This will essentially blind the assailant and can also deliver a high charge that works in the form of a taser. What this does is blinds someone and then allows you to tase them. This can be a very effective way to escape from a crime situation and allow you to walk away safely.


Gunshots! The single greatest thing that can make people disperse faster than anything else. State breakers can come in any shape, size, and form. The most commonly used ones that mimic gunshot noises can come in the form of nail-cutters, or key chains.

Simply pressing a button or turning a lever can result in the noise of several gunshots taking place simultaneously. This is effective in scaring the criminal away as well as getting the attention of people and police officers near to your location.

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5.Blast Knuckles- 

Designed to look like normal knuckles, these can cause severe harm to the attacker. In addition to the harm from the metal that you will inflict while punching, they are also designed to give a jolt of a million volts! However, you need to be very confident when using these.

Experts suggest that engaging physically with a criminal is not a good approach. However, if you feel comfortable enough and have prior training and experience in using blast knuckles, you can always carry them as a precautionary measure.

The Final Word

Thinking that nothing can happen to you or your family is not the best impression to live under. With crime rates rising in different parts of the world, investing in self-defense gadgets seems to be the right thing to do. Remember, all it takes is one isolated incident that can turn your life upside down.