The inclusion of technology in a business has become the order of the day and it doesn’t matter how unique your industry or how small your business is, you need to bring in technological solutions in your business. If you have been running a business then you just can’t avoid the importance of technological solutions as they are nothing less than a blessing in disguise for each and every type of business. In the current technological driven era, there are many types of technological solutions that can be used by all types of business but we are going to talk about one of the most revolutionary technology of the modern era; cloud.
Even if you are not an IT buff, you must have heard about cloud computing technology. When cloud computing came to the market, it started catching fire among different industries because of its potential and applications. Well, currently, more than 65% of the businesses are using at least one form of cloud computing at till the end of 2020, this number will rise to 75%. But if you are still dependent upon traditional cloud solutions then here are some of the signs that signals you to move the cloud.

1. Not able to work effectively with outsourced employee

Outsourced employees have become the new normal for most of the businesses. Whether there is giant firm or a small business, outsourced employees are being used by everyone. In addition reducing down the cost involved in hiring in-house employee, you are also able to save money spent on training and management of in-house employees. But managing outsourced employees and giving them the freedom to work effectively is not easy, especially when your business is using traditional system. But a hosted solutions i.e. Quickbooks hosting or hosted Quickbooks/cloud hosting solution can help you and your outsourced employees work from anywhere and anytime.
If you are having a major portion of your business operation assigned to outsourced employees and if you are not able to work effectively with them because of restriction in accessibility then it’s high time for you to move to the cloud solution.

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2. If you feel your data is not safe

The safety of data has become the biggest concern for each and every type of business. This is why, it has been said that data is the most important assets of any company. If you are not able to keep your data secure then your business will always be at the risk of falling down. In the modern era, criminals and other evil minded people have started using modern ways of stealing your data and this is why you need to be extra concerned for the safety of your data. But if you are dependent on the traditional solution and feeling that you data is not safe on the hard disk of your local compute then this is a sign that it’s high time for you to move the cloud.
You might be thinking that choosing cloud storage might be an expensive deal but that’s not the case. Whether you are using Google Drive or any other cloud storage service, you will be able to keep your budget nominal, even after shifting to the cloud platform.

3. If your productivity is being hampered because of downtime

As a business owner, you should know that continuity in the business operation is the key to success. A business that faces regular interruption in its workflow will never be able to function at its peak efficiency. And this is why downtime is the biggest enemy of all the businesses. Many business owners think that downtime might not be affecting their business since it happens for only a couple of minutes on daily basis but if you will look at the bigger picture then you will realize its effects. So, if downtime is hampering the productivity of your business and if it is stopping you from working at peak efficiency then you should definitely move to the cloud computing platform.
If you see any of the above-mentioned signs in your company then you should immediately move to the cloud platform. Working with restrictions and not being able to deliver performance in a long run can damage your business. By choosing cloud, you can wipe out all the hitches and discern where the problem is.

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