SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid in 2020

As 2019 is coming to an end, it is time to wrap up your SEO strategies and start afresh for the upcoming year. Are you wondering how much, or little, things will change in 2020? A lot! So buckle up your shoes to get the top SEO services in India that let you leverage the opportunities for improved brand visibility, higher website traffic and increased sales.

Search engine algorithms are ever-changing. If you do not keep up with the changing trends, your website might drop in SERP rankings or, to the worst, it can get penalised by Google. In this process, it is not unlikely to make some critical mistakes that can cost you high. So keep your eyes open and check out the 10 SEO mistakes to avoid in 2020.

#1: Giving Priority to Just On-Page SEO

If you are avid about Search Engine Optimisation, you might know that on-site SEO isn’t going to get you desired results. However, most businesses make the mistake of perceiving that SEO is all about on-site tactics. If off-site strategies are continuously being ignored even in the upcoming year, it may pull down your page rankings.

That is because giant search engine, Google, is now giving more importance to a website’s authority and visibility. Simply optimising your website with rich keywords, SEO-friendly web design or user-oriented UX is not enough to maximise your reach and build authority. Therefore, professional SEO services integrate off-site techniques such as directory submissions, blog posting, link building, social bookmarking, press release, guest posting, article submission, business listing, review posting, etc.

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#2: Overlooking Your Website Speed

Are you experiencing unexpected drop in your website traffic or page rankings? Have you noticed a high bounce rate? Perhaps you are doing the biggest mistake of ignoring your website’s sluggish speed and poor response time. It is considered that poor website speed is one of the top reasons behind high bounce rate. So if you are experiencing something like this, it is high time that you tweak the website design to fuel its speed and performance.

#3: Stuffing Your Content with No Quality Thereof

This isn’t new to Search Engine Optimisation. Many website owners commit the mistake of creating content just for the sake of it – no quality, no focus and no relevance. In fact, the World Wide Web is flooded with such content. And perhaps you had a good luck of getting such content to the top rankings. But not anymore! Poor-quality content may not only pull down your page rankings but can also affect your brand impression and website traffic.

If your content is not informative, in-depth and relevant to what your target audience wants, forget Search Engine Optimisation in the first place.

#4: Ignoring Broken Links

How many of you really know when there is a broken link in your website? Hardly a few! And that is one of the biggest mistakes you should avoid doing anytime.

Broken links or 404 errors can remarkably affect your user experience, resulting into high bounce rate. It also makes it difficult for search engines to index your website. And that is the worst blunder you can make. If you really want to improve your website rankings and traffic, give time to identifying and fixing all broken links with quality and relevant content.

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#5: Keeping your Page Title and Meta Descriptions Too Simple

Often, you would visit a website and see the page title as “Home.” What impression does it leave on you? Not so inspiring, right? And that’s exactly how your website visitors feel about you when your page title or meta description isn’t striking enough to create a strong impression.

Do not commit the mistake of copying the same meta description or page title for similar pages. Your CMS do provide the option to customise each piece of content. So make the most of it.

#6: Not Having a Mobile-Friendly Website

And that is the worst mistake you can make. That is because Google makes it mandatory to have a mobile-responsive website. In fact, if your website is not mobile-friendly, you are actually missing out on a major segment of your potential traffic. It can also pull down your search rankings. This can affect your ROI.


Search Engine Optimisation is imperative for the success of your business online. Leveraging the top SEO services India and avoiding the above mistakes can be effective in improving website rankings and driving increased traffic.