What is SEO? SEO is also referred to as Search Engine Optimization. According to a survey, it has been found that SEO is a complex subject with around 500+ results. Half of the times the information is just out of the topic or not relevant. 

So, if you are thinking to make a tech blogs India or are thinking to work as a freelancer, then this is the perfect article for you. In this article, we are going to discuss the tips and tricks of SEO. Have a look to know in details:

TIP 1: Always keep in mind the keywords are important. Identify and prioritize the keywords accordingly.

RESEARCH AND USE RELEVANT KEYWORDS: Keywords is one of the most important things for SEO because these are the foundation of SEO. So, before starting your own business in SEO, you should keep this thing in mind. Therefore, there are some important tools and strategies that we can use for a good selection of keywords. Let’s discuss them:

Brainstorm Potential Keywords: What we do is, we write all the things that are relevant, for example, we write down the services offered, locations and many more. Once you have all these things, then you can go and form a list of keywords for the articles of your blog.

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Use Keyword Research Tool: There are so many keywords research tools that can help you to identify the keywords but the best tools are ubersuggest and keywordstool.io. Ergo, these are the tools that are useful in both free and paid versions.

Search for Keywords: You will find a big list of keywords on the bottom of the page. But you will have to select the relevant ones. Therefore, this is how you can search for relevant keywords for your blog.

TIP 2: Write descriptive titles and Meta descriptions, so that it attracts more and more people.

OPTIMIZE PAGE TITLES AND META DESCRIPTIONS: After finding relevant keywords, you will have to optimize your page title. Optimizing the page titles and Meta descriptions are important this will tell people what the page is about. It will further help to entice a user to click on your listing. If you want to know about the optimization in detail, then you can refer to some of the top blogs. 

Future with Tech is one of the top tech blogs in India that you can refer to for knowing about the important tips and tricks of SEO in detail. One of the best things about this blog is that the language of articles is very simple and easy. You can search for more technology blogs India, to know in details about how to optimize titles and Meta descriptions.

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TIP 3: Optimize all the headers, footers, content and images to improve the visibility of your blog.

OPTIMIZE PAGE CONTENT: Once the Meta descriptions and titles are complete, then you will have to provide good and appropriate content. Therefore, the main elements should be header tags, body contents, and images. So, it is very much important to provide good and quality content. Therefore, is one of the most important things that people should know before starting a blog or an SEO business. To now in details about the articles, you can search for best tech blogs in India.

Hence, these are the three important tips that people should know before setting up their own SEO business.