Amazon Influencer Program
Amazon Influencer Program

Amazon continues to seek to expand its ecommerce domain. In addition to offering advertisers plenty of possibilities to increase their reach with Amazon Advertising, he has turned to one of the brands’ favorite strategies: collaborating with  influencers  to drive traffic through product recommendations. Your  Amazon Influencer program  is already in Spain and we will tell you everything about how it works.

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How does the Amazon Influencer Program work?

Amazon Influencer  is an influencer store program   so that they can recommend products to their audience in exchange for a commission.

Essentially, the program allows the  influencer to  create their own Amazon store with an easy-to-remember URL ( name) and personalize it with their favorite products. This URL allows you to easily guide the followers of the influencer towards the recommended products, especially when talking about them in places where URLs cannot be placed. In return, the influencer takes a commission for sales made through their store (usually between 3 and 10%).

The Amazon Influencer Program is open to influencers of any category who have a presence on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. There are no predetermined requirements, but it is Amazon itself that evaluates whether a user is eligible to participate in the program, taking into account the number of followers and other presence metrics on the networks.

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This program is an extension of  the  traditional Amazon Affiliate Program , which allows you to recommend products in exchange for a commission. The difference is that influencers can create their own Amazon page with a custom URL to group all the products they recommend to their followers. This offers an additional way to direct traffic to Amazon.

To launch your own influencer store on Amazon, just follow these steps:

  • Go to and click “Get Started” to find out if you qualify. If the answer is no, you can come back later as the requirements may change over time.
  • Once your account has been approved, you can choose the name of your store and add the products that you find interesting.
  • Promote your store’s custom URL on your social media channels.
  • When customers visit your store, you will earn commissions for each purchase.

Amazon Influencer Program FAQs

How long does Amazon take to approve my request?

The waiting time to get your Amazon Influencer account depends on the social network you work with. YouTube or Twitter accounts can be approved in real time, but approval for Facebook and Instagram can be delayed up to five days.

How does Amazon define what an influencer is?

According to Amazon, an influencer is “anyone who has a significant following on social media.” There are no specific requirements for the number of followers, but each request is evaluated independently. For Amazon, it is important that an influencer generates interactions and is able to attract traffic to the platform.

Does Amazon control the opinions of influencers?

No, influencers independently decide whether to recommend a product and what to say about it. Amazon does not modify the content, as long as it complies with its publication standards. Influencers can even make negative comments about products, as long as they adhere to these rules.

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The content must be clearly labeled as promotional. When Amazon shows influencers content to the user during the purchase, it labels it with the name of the program (Amazon Influencer).

Other Amazon collaborations with influencers: The Drop and Prime Day

Amazon Influencer Program is not the only initiative of the ecommerce giant to engage with influencers. We are going to see two other closely related initiatives: The Drop and Prime Day.

The Drop: fashion designed by influencers

The Drop  is a section launched by Amazon in 2019 in which visitors can buy  clothes designed by influencers  from around the world.

An exclusive collection, designed by a different influencer, goes on sale every week. The garments are available for a maximum of 30 hours, and users are notified through a notification.

In this way, Amazon combines the appeal of influencers with exclusivity and a sense of urgency. As these are very limited offers, the user is encouraged to buy to get a unique garment.

The Drop also echoes green trends, as it has a sustainable production system: clothing is made on demand to avoid surpluses. Production begins once the sale has been closed and the user receives their garment at home within 10 days.

In order to purchase items from The Drop, users have to register and leave their mobile phone to receive SMS notifications.

Prime Day: advertising with influencers

Prime Day is an event organized by Amazon and in which it  combines shopping with entertainment , for example, through live concerts. In this way, they manage to generate traffic to the platform and incentivize sales.

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In 2019, Amazon kicked off Prime Day with a concert led by Taylor Swift, which could be seen on Amazon Prime. The concert was held the week before Prime Day, in order to generate excitement.

For this campaign, Amazon collaborated with celebrities such as actor Will Smith, dancer JoJo Siwa or even Lady Gaga, with whom they promoted the beauty products of Haus laboratories (available only through Amazon).

But Prime Day not only relies on macro influencers, it has also sought to collaborate with micro influencers and content generators. To do this, it has reinforced the Amazon Influencer program during the dates leading up to Prime Day and has created a “teleshopping” type format for influencers to comment on their favorite products.