6 PPC Marketing Strategies to Try in 2020

The new year is about to start, and it comes with all kinds of resolutions. Whether it’s reading more, losing weight, spending time with family, each resolution is important and holds a special place in the heart. But what about the PPC strategies? Why should they be left out in cold in the month of January? Just because it is work and not personal life. Spoiler alert: They shouldn’t.

PPC channels, tools and trends and constantly evolving. If we hesitate to try new things, we would be left behind. So, here are some PPC strategies to test in 2020 to grow and improve your performance.

Try out a New Channel

The internet is expanding with each passing day, and the folks are increasing their spends on social media channels. I would like to encourage you to look beyond Bing and Google to find a new audience and leverage the strengths of these social channels to interact with the audience. Some of your potential channels can be:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Yahoo Gemini
  • Taboola
  • Twitter
  • Outbrain
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest

Apart from these social channels, Quora is another platform that I would recommend to you. The targeting options in Quora are unmissable. It is a unique platform with targeting options that mimic the display, search and social channels. It is the easiest way to flex your search muscles while trying out display and social advertising.

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Secondly, Quora is very easy to use and is equipped with all the sophisticated conversion monitoring and audience building tool needed for success. Quora has over 350 million monthly active users and they are growing in numbers. They added ad platform in 2018 and many advertisers are not aware of it. This means that you can reach a highly targeted audience without having to compete with your competitors. It means lower CPCs and longer frames to test and learn.

Review New Features in Google Ads

Google Adwords will continue to dominate any other social advertising platform. So, you need to leverage the full strength of Google Adwords too. Stay updated with the latest enhancements made to the Google Adwords platform and utilize these changes to the fullest. Feed-based advertising got a facelift with discovery ads. The gallery ads give advertisers an ability to combine compelling images and copy to serve their offerings to prospects on the search network.

The YouTube Bumper ads have been launched for just everyone. The new audience expansion tools will help the advertisers to reach people who behave similarly to their ideal audience. The local campaigns will be available for everyone. Google is smartly making changes to its ads platform to help the advertisers make most out of their investments.

Mobile Preferences

Mobile users have increased in numbers. It’s high time to customize mobile ads experience. PPC marketers who ignore mobile are wasting paid budget and losing opportunities to reach their target market. You must start assessing the traffic coming from mobile devices to your PPC campaign. The data collected can be used to determine if the bid should be adjusted based on the user’s device.

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Audience Integrated with Search

Earlier, we used to be limited to keywords in search engines. But now, we have the ability to layer in the audience targeting and demographics to refine those keyword campaigns. Audience is just a group of users who are grouped together based on their behavior and interests online. You must leverage a few opportunities on Google Adwords:

  • Detailed Demographics: Home-ownership, parental status, marital status, household income, education.
  • InMarket and Custom Intent: Online behavior and searches signaling buying cues.
  • Remarketing: The visitors on advertisers’ website and YouTube channel.

Use Scripts

PPC managers often automate the repetitive tasks in their Google ads accounts using scripts that are added to their account. You need not be a hardcore coder to create these scripts. These are available online in the form of a pre-designed tested code. Google even hosts workshop sand training sessions for scripts across the countries.

Prepare for Voice Search

You might not be getting a large quantity of voice searches as of now. Most of the advertisers aren’t. But you need to keep checking with trends in your account. You should be ready to respond to the information voice searchers are seeking. Identify the voice search queries and use the Adwords tool accordingly.

For example: If you notice a few navigational voice searches such as “Mexican restaurant near me”, consider creating a hyper-targeted campaign for those people who are trying to find you.

The Bottom Line

The above-mentioned strategies have a potential to drive result-oriented growth through your campaigns. Each strategy will help you step up your game and emerge as a campaign hero. Keep following the latest PPC marketing trends to improve your campaign game.

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