If you have original thoughts or world-changing ideas that can educate the online audience for a greater good, but you are afraid to share because of public reactions, then don’t worry! There are a few blogging platforms that let you share your words without harming your privacy. Check the following: 

#1: The Doe

First, I have Doe on my list because it lets its writers and readers confront their biases. It is the best anonymous blogging forum that allows users to cover sensitive, controversial, and trendy subjects. It encourages its writers to share their views, opinions, and freely express their side of the story without revealing true identity. So if you are looking to write about topics that matter, then you can check on the Doe to grant the ownership of your ideas while protecting your identity. Act like John Doe to tell your story without amplifying real-life threats, bullying, or harassment.

#2: Telegra.ph

Telegra.ph is one of the easiest options to sign up. You don’t need to put unnecessary information to access this forum. Just enter the title, content, and author name (optional). Telegra.ph allows its bloggers to write posts as well as share videos, or images. If you like to cover trendy topics and controversial subjects, then get your Telegram account now. Telegra.ph is best-suited if you post occasionally.

#3: Write.as

If you are looking to jump into anonymous blogging but don’t like registration formalities, then Write.as is an ideal choice. It is a “privacy-focused” forum. It has to offer a user-friendly interface. Write whatever you want by just clicking on the “write something” and “publish” icons. Write.as allows you to post truly anonymously. However, you can add texts only; you cannot share any images, advanced text formatting, and videos. 

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#4: Notepin

Notepin is best suited for individuals who aim for multiple features. You can share rich content because it supports multimedia like images or videos. Notepin lets you put more than text. There is no login required. So pick a username to be a part of the Notepin community. Notepin lets you cover non-traditional topics and upload arbitrary files. Though, if you are looking for extra features, such as custom domain and Google Analytics, then you need to consider the paid subscription option.