Every successful brand needs to maintain its stature in the market and the eyes of customers. Marketing and advertising are the two most common parts of branding that help an organization to maintain its image in the market. However, it is equally important for a new brand to do intensive research and branding via the most crowded channels to induce more customers for their products. Branding not only enhances the number of customers for products or services, but it also helps to attain several sales for the organizations.

Several ways to promote the offerings of a product-oriented business include the use of pop display stands and boxes. These boxes are a perfect way to capture the attention of users towards the products and the business for better recognition in the market.

Pop up displays or point of Purchase Boxes:

The name suggests it all. The point of purchase boxes is specifically made for customers to make rush decisions about buying the product. However, a customer takes an average of 5 to 7 seconds to make their purchase decision to buy products in a retail store. Using the custom pop display stand takes about 4 to 6 seconds on an average to influence people into getting the product.

The importance of these boxes in retail stores is too much to ignore, and it is very significant for a business that deals in products of cosmetics, sweets, candies, gums, cigarettes, etc. to manufacture these containers in the most efficient of ways. Therefore, you should know the ways to choose a perfect point of sales box to ensure maximum productivity from your business.

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Following points and characteristics should always be considered before selecting the designs, printing, and material of these stands for your retail shops:

Branding evokes the true Nature:

A very important part of these containers is to initiate proper branding to gain the maximum amount of attraction that eventually results in more sales for the company. Branding helps to communicate with customers. It helps to catch a maximum number of eyes from the customers. Branding helps to intrigue customers, and seeing these stands on their way to checkout increases their interests towards the products. Waiting in lines can make them think as much as they want to decide, and ease access to this container within their grasp can easily evoke more purchases.

It is very important to know adequate branding techniques. First, the logo should always be the most visible thing. Following the logo, incorporate designs, company name, tagline, a proper message, colors, and styling options should be considered. You know your brand more than anyone else does, and you can easily use the technique of branding to captivate and gravitate the customers towards products.

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Material – The importance:

Another option of most significance is the choice of material that is used in cardboard pop displays. What if you take much time to think about the visuals, designs, and printing, but forget about the material, and everything crashes down once you place the products? Therefore, thinking about the choice of material is an option of most importance.

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The need for sturdy and durable material is not important because of the weight of products. It is also important to consider rough customers, carelessness of employees, and children messing around. They can easily crumble these beautiful displays.

Considering the highest qualities for the material is your only choice. These displays are made out of cardboard, and some organizations want to get away with cheap and low quality of the material. However, your only option is to consider the highest quality of cardboard, plastic, and lining them with some metal.

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Height matters a lot:

Height matters a lot. Considering height as a basic option for these counter displays can benefit you in great ways. Customers are never looking for any kind of fuss. They come to the retail stores for ease of shopping and selection of items. It is important to choose a perfect height for these displays for the customer to get maximum ease and accessibility.

Height is vital, and choosing it according to the type of product can greatly benefit your business. It is important to know the targeted audience before height selection. A customer that is aged between 8 to 13 years should have easy access to the top of these containers, and making them according to their eye levels is better and productive. Moreover, the height of the pop display case should always be equal to the eye level of targeted consumers for maximum efficacy.

Exclusivity attracts customers (Aisle display, Counter display, Side or power wings, 

You need to take account of different styles of displays for your customers. It is important to have these different displays because of different product storage. Some of the best-printed pop display options are given as follows:

  • Aisle or Floor Displays:

These displays are free-standing in the retail stores and offer the most visibility to the brand and products that are offered within. Moreover, a marketing and advertising option right in the path of customers creates more options for the brand to enhance the sales. The aisle and floor displays are best for small products of cosmetics and eatables.

  • Side or power wings:

These displays are mostly at the end of aisles and are on one side. The visibility they offer is great, and customers can easily see them when entering or exiting an aisle of a retail store or shopping mall. These are mostly stored in the highest possible traffic paths of the retail store.

  • Counter displays:

These are the best option for the Pop Display stands and boxes as they are the closest to checkout. These are usually made for small products that can be stored on the counters of the checkout point. These initiate the impulse purchase.

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Thinking about several things like the height of the stand, proper branding, and the choice of material can give you the best options for display stands. These stands can directly increase the attraction of customers that, in return, can increase the sales and streams of profits for the company. Moreover, some attractive styles of these containers include counter displays, side wings, and floor displays that catch unwanted attention of customers.