Stress Management Techniques

In today’s fast-paced world, meeting strict deadlines has become a part of the work culture; more so for entrepreneurs. Being at the apex and managing an entire organization, entrepreneurs and executives face constant work pressure. Both of these factors together lead to development of stress. Since they are entrepreneurs who run either a business or a firm or a company, they are known for their excellent management skills. Irony, however, sets in when it is seen that despite possessing exceptional management skills, entrepreneurs and executives are simply not able to manage stress in their lives. The failure to manage stress levels can lead to anxiety, depression, and a decline in work efficiency.

Stress is akin to slow poison; it accumulates slowly and gradually. Once saturation sets in and one can no longer take any more stress, the accumulated stress vents itself out of the person, most often in forms of serious attacks or an illness. Many major heart ailments have been linked to stress by modern medical science. It is, therefore, crucial, especially for entrepreneurs and executives to keep stress levels under check. So, here’s presenting the ten most effective stress management techniques that executives and entrepreneurs can practice in their lives to effectively combat stress.



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A profound old saying goes thus, “To know that you are ignorant is the first step towards knowledge”. In the context of stress and its management, this saying indicates towards the fact that if one wants to manage one’s stress levels, one must first know the starting point of stress. Always try figuring out the initial stress signals because once you do, you can become aware of and alert yourself of the approaching stress.


  • A positive mindset is an effective weapon against stress


Situations and circumstances can be favorable as well as challenging. However, the outlook that one has towards a situation is what makes all the difference. A positive mindset can arm you with the power to make the most difficult of situations bearable. A positive attitude works as a painkiller, helping you remain calm even in the midst of the most demanding and challenging situations.


  • Share your workload


Since they shoulder all the responsibilities of the organization, it is no wonder that entrepreneurs often receive extra workload. Whenever an entrepreneur feels that his or her workload has significantly increased, it is time to increase the manpower. You may include experts in your teams with whom you can share your workload. Also, as for the existing employees, always distribute roles and responsibilities befitting their expertise and experience.


  • Take short breaks


Most of the entrepreneurs are so successful at what they do as entrepreneurs because they obsess themselves with their role, work and responsibilities. Such an obsession makes them forget that they, too, have a home, a family and friends. Taking a short break from work every now and then ensures that the monotony breaks and the entrepreneur does not get obsessed with work and only work. During such short breaks, you may go holidaying as it is an effective stress buster.

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  • Make changes in daily routine


Monotony can lead to increased stress levels. Therefore, it is imperative not to follow the same old routine every day. Keep on making some changes every now and then. Such changes may include change in working hours, seeking half day leave once in a while etc.


  • Watch your diet


Diet is a major factor responsible for the regulation of stress levels. A healthy diet can successfully bring down stress levels. Therefore, one must ensure that one includes in one’s diet foods that fight stress and help one remain healthy.


  • Exercise regularly to minimize stress levels


Just like your diet, exercising is yet another factor that has direct connection with your stress levels. Light exercising regularly can help drastically bring down stress levels.


  • Pursuing your hobby can take off loads and loads of stress


A hobby is something we are innately inclined towards. Pursuing one’s hobby is known to make one feel good and it, thus, lowers one’s stress in life. Even dedicating half an hour everyday to pursuing your hobby can significantly reduce your stress levels.


  • Spend quality time with friends and family


Most often, entrepreneurs tend to fail in drawing a line between personal life and professional life. Whenever they feel that they’ve gotten too involved in their professional life, they should spend time with their family and friends. This will automatically reduce stress from their lives.


  • Happiness is a natural stress buster


When faced with trying situations in life, we tend to worry. However, if we naturally imbibe happiness in our lives, stress levels are bound to come down automatically. The hormones that are secreted when one is happy include endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. All these three hormones have been found to be pretty effective at combating with and bringing down stress levels. Therefore, when we learn to remain happy (without there being any external reason for the happiness), we teach our body to secrete and release more and more of these three happiness hormones. This lowers the stress one is experiencing in life.

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Being an entrepreneur who is stressed and wants to lower stress levels in life, even if you go through the best books on stress, nowhere will you find techniques as easy as those listed above. These ten are the simplest stress management techniques that need no extra preparation and can be practiced by any entrepreneur. Once made a part of everyday life, executives and entrepreneurs can themselves witness gradual changes in their personality. Also, they will be able to feel less anxiety and stress. In their workplace, it will reflect as better work efficiency.

Apart from all the aforementioned techniques, making Yoga and meditation a part of everyday life can work wonders in drastically bringing down stress levels. Many studies have found that meditation is the most effective tool to lower stress and anxiety and fight depression.