B.Tech is a program that is designed to enlighten the latest developments going around in the modern world. This course focuses on the study of different aspects of technological aspects to simplify human life within a stipulated time period of four years. A lucrative career option, B.Tech lays a strong foundation for plenty of job opportunities in the field of research and development.

Read ahead to explore some of the interesting career options that you can explore after pursuing B.Tech:


Metallurgists are usually confined to laboratories for manufacturing and developing the structures of metal items for engineering parts. They provide technical advice in consideration of the suitability of metals for different purposes. Metallurgist is responsible for ensuring adherence to the manufacturing with quality standards and investigating production problems including corrosion and metal failure.

Geo-technical engineer: 

The experts in this domain are responsible for designing the foundations of the structure and overseeing work on a construction site by thoroughly assessing data on the field. They often work for consultancies, study geological maps, examine construction plans, investigate risks, and geological hazards. They search for environmentally sensitive features including the landfill sites to develop interpretive and factual ground models. 

Patent attorney: 

Patent attorney or lawyers provide juristic advice on valued intellectual property rights including licenses, patents, copyrights, technical data, trademarks, and trade secrets. They interpret rulings, regulations, and laws for the intellectual property of their potential clients by conducting scientific, legal, and technical research. Patent attorneys gather evidence, simplify complex technical information, and offer legal representation in court proceedings by enforcing statutory and contractual obligations.

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If you are interested in creating drawings and paintings for various products such as books, posters, animation, clothing, or greeting cards, then this is the perfect job role you can expect after pursuing art and design foundation course. This role will give you the liberty to rediscover the traditional patterns to create images using relevant software packages. 

Agriculture Technical Service Manager: 

They work closely with seed companies within the boundaries of UPL (United Phosphorus Limited) products, chemical, and seed technologies to promote productivity, growth, and usage. They are also responsible for responding to technical service inquiries from customers as well as clients.

IT Systems Analyst: 

The role of a system analyst is to analyze hardware and software systems to fit into the business needs of their clients. They design systems for solving the problems in information technology. The level of technical expertise depends on the job role, specialization, and proprietary tools from their understanding of data analytic and the business itself. IT systems analysts employ third-party tools to test software and to develop the new ones. They develop solutions by evaluating and preparing alternative work-flow solutions and provides references by documentation. 

Multimedia artist or animator: 

Designing complex animation and graphics using computer modelling programs to create media content that meets the client’s objectives. They develop stories with powerful visual impact using diverse platforms to increase the online presence of their organization or brands. 

User interface designer: 

It is a technical role responsible for presenting the development of the brand in a way that is more convenient and attractive for the client. They focus primarily on the pattern of the product and design everything to ensure that the layout works visually with the overall path a UX designer has charted.

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Web Developer: 

Web developers write codes to create websites using standard practices and maintain it by constantly working on its improved features. Researching and maintaining the software programs, documentation and to implement the contingency plans in case, if the website goes down. They gather and refine specifications and requirements based on technical needs and integrate the data from various back-end services and databases to match visual design intent.

By pursuing a B. tech courses in India, you can explore numerous career opportunities and job profiles including production engineer, automotive engineer, energy engineer, production manager, quality manager, technical sales engineer, CAD technician, design engineer, maintenance engineer, manufacturing systems engineer, materials engineer, mechanical engineer, and others. So, enrol yourself now.