NCR means No Carbon required. It is a special type of paper that has emerged as an alternative to the popular carbon paper used for making duplicate documents from the original ones.

When you write on the topmost sheet of NCR, the reactive clay comes into action. This reactive clay is responsible for transferring your writing to the lower sheets. You can stack multiple sheets at one time and it will still be able to print with the same density on each one of them.

The common observation is that companies use 2 forms at most to create a single copy. But some also use more than 2. They use as many copies as they want. The maximum limit of NCR form printing is 5. For creating more, you will have to use another form.

Today, every company is using it. No matter which industry they belong to, they find it useful enough for creating copies. Be if invoices, sales forms or any other kind of documents, NCR is always useful to create multiple copies. 

Its most important aspect is that it saves a lot of time for companies. Where carbon print took a lot of time, brands have now got this alternative which they can use at any time. There are a lot of time-saving properties in NCR.

Multiple Copies:

If you were creating copies when NCR was not introduced, making multiple duplicates must have been a headache. That is because, with carbon paper, you could only create one copy at a time. But with carbonless forms, you can have up to five duplicates within seconds. This is a highly efficient way of doing your work.

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With carbon paper, your speed reduced significantly. You could not stack multiple copies together as doing that would be useless. Only the topmost copy will be dense legible. Papers below that would be as good as nothing. Hence, you needed to replace one copy after another to get the desired print. That took a lot of time.

With NCR, that is not the case. Every single copy is perfectly finished. The density of the ink is streamlined and spread uniformly on every sheet. This means you do not need to replace every single sheet after every print. Just stack them together and you are good to go.

Multiple copies are also useful for sending them to various business partners and clients. Or if they are sales forms, you can keep multiple forms so that if you lose one, another is available.


With carbon paper, uniformity was a big issue. Your print was not uniform throughout. It was dense at one place and thin at another. This sometimes created confusion as numbers would be misprinted and figures deformed. But Custom NCR Form has resolved this issue.


The density of whatever you write is uniform and does not change at any point. This saves a lot of your time. If any of the numbers or figures were misprinted, you had to create another copy for perfecting the print and it wasted a lot of time. But if your print is coming out perfect the first time, you do not need to go down that route.


Duplicates must be neat and clean otherwise there is no point in doing the whole effort. NCR Form Printing allows you to make duplicates that are perfectly legible. The ink does not spread waywardly and stays put where you write.

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Sometimes, you have to send the copies to your partners and clients and if they are not well written, your reputation will get a hit. Hence, you must use a paper that is always clear.

Carbon papers created a lot of mess. They were hardly every clear and created a lot of problems regarding legibility. Businesses had to make multiple copies to find the perfect ones which consumed a lot of time. But NCR is saving a lot of time through its modern copying technique.

Faster printing:

NCR paper is also being used for digital printing these days. This is useful as here, too, it is possible to create multiple copies on the go. This means you are saving time both on manual and digital fronts.

A big benefit here is that when you print a form and it is of no more use, you simply throw it away because the unused part cannot be deployed in orienting. But if you use custom Carbonless Forms, you can always use that part and avoid reprinting. For instance, if you change any details such as phone number or address, you can use the previous forms.

This saves a lot of time since you do not need to order new forms for reprinting. Reprinting is a headache and NCR saves you from it. You can simply change the details on your already printed form very easily.

NCR paper has now also been developed to be used with high-speed printers. These printers are faster than the traditional ones and give out great prints using fewer minutes. Hence, by printing faster, less time is consumed.

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NCR is a great way of saving time. That is why every company these days is using them. They have become the future of the printing industry. Their accuracy easily overshadows the sloppy carbon papers that were used at a time. Every successful brand is using NCR paper for its efficiency and you should do that as well.