Networking is an effective way for entrepreneurs to meet people who can help them promote their projects. Here are some suggestions to make the most of it.

Within the entrepreneurial ecosystem, networking has increasingly become one of the most effective ways for entrepreneurs to meet people who can help them promote their projects.

It is a social tool that is highly promoted and used by all those who in some way participate and make up the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Incubators, accelerators, coworking companies , among others, constantly organize events that include networking sessions .

The literal translation of networking could be “chain of work”, which makes it very clear what this activity is for.

Therefore, here are some recommendations for you to make the most of networking meetings , especially if you are a novice entrepreneur.

  • If you are going to undertake or are undertaking, I recommend that you look for this type of meeting in events related to the sector in which you plan to enter. That will give you the ability to find partners, clients, advisors, mentors, and maybe even funding.
  • I recommend that you always carry a good amount of business cards. Although the digital age allows you to reach almost anyone, business cards are still an opportunity to approach a person and chat with them for a few minutes.
  • It is important that you always have your “ pitches ” ready, that is, your speeches to launch your idea or project to anyone in a short period of time. The design of your pitch is important so that you can capture people’s attention in a matter of seconds, especially potential investors. I recommend that you look for courses to design your pitch or, failing that, look for advice on the Internet.
  • If you have prototypes of your product or courtesies of your services, take them with you. Remember that making the experience of your product or service live can help awaken the interest of those attending the event.
  • Develop very short and animated presentations (between one and two minutes) that you can easily display on mobile devices such as cell phones or tablets.
  • If it’s the first time you do networking, possibly you will get nervous. Relax, everyone goes to those meetings at the same time, that is, to talk with all the attendees. Don’t be afraid to approach anyone and introduce yourself. Give your card and talk. Sure at some point they will approach you.
  • Try not to stay more than 10 minutes with one person (unless you are very interested in continuing to chat with them), so that you can chat with the largest number of attendees. The more conversations you have, the more opportunities you will have to find interesting people for your business or entrepreneurial project.
  • The dress code in the networking meetings it is still important, although it is not decisive to achieve something interesting for your business or project. Try to research the type of clothing you should wear according to the event and place. But if for some reason you couldn’t iron your suit, don’t limit yourself, what matters is that you are present and heard.
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I hope these tips are useful to you to enjoy and make the most of your next networking meeting .