Best Plasma Cutter under 1000

If you are looking for a tool that can cut different materials like metal, steel, mild steel, aluminum, and alloys then you must start looking for the best plasma cutter. You can find them easily in the market but if you are a beginner at this then you might get betrayed by the sellers selling products for more from its actual price.

So, to make your investment worthy we have assembled the collection of the best plasma cutter under 1000. If the mentioned products do not seem to fit your requirements then the buyer’s guide can aid in choosing the plasma cutter prudently.

Everlast Power Plasma 50S Plasma Cutter under 1000

Despite being available under 1000, the Everlast Power Plasma 50S Plasma Cutter can cut metal with ½ inch thickness at 15-20 ipm fast. It uses 50 AMPs of professional cutting power and can also cut metal with ¾ inches thickness with slag you can easily off with a hammer. Moreover, the relative product is extremely portable and features an Italian designed torch. It has improved consumable life and it can be extended by using new torch tip saver function which also helps to limit Pilot arc time.

Razorweld Plasma CUT 45 Plasma Cutter

In standard, the Razorweld Plasma CUT 45 Plasma Cutter comes with 220v plug. It is quite small and efficient which can clean-cut 5/8 inches metal. With amazing features like having 20 ft TRF 45 plasma torch and a 2T / 4T function which reduces operator fatigue. This product is great for sheet and metal fabrication, repair and maintenance services, light industrial use, automotive, site work, ducting work and more.

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Despite being reasonable, it comes with 20 – 45 AMP which gives versatile cutting capacity. Lastly, this plasma cutter has 2 years warranty which ensures that the Razorweld Plasma CUT 45 Plasma Cutter is a high-quality product.

Everlast Power Plasma 60S plasma cutting system 

Available at just 1000 dollars this plasma cutter is worth the money as it is quite powerful in its functionality. It is best suitable for welding and fabrication and it can cut metal up to ¾ inches of thickness. In severance cutting, you can clean-cut 1 and 1-1/4 inch.

Introducing amazing features like new iPT 60 torch, easy start with “Blow-back” Pilot arc which allows easy cut through rusty and painted metals. The easy start with “Blow-back” Pilot arc is best suitable to be used with 11000 W “clean power” generators.

AHP AlphaCut 60

The AHP AlphaCut 60 is a good quality product and best for beginners as its price is quite reasonable. With the requirement of 60 AMP power, you can get to cut through expanded, painted and rusted metals. It works on dual voltage 110/220 voltage respectively and comes with an adapter.

This best plasma cutter under 1000 is perfect for DIY projects that can cut metals precise and fast and that too at very affordable price.

Guide for Buying the Best Plasma Cutter under 1000

The plasma cutters are mainly used to cut the metal precisely which is not possible otherwise. They convert gases like nitrogen, argon, and oxygen into the fourth state of matter named Plasma. The electric arc current is sent at high speed to make the cutter work.

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As far as its mechanism is concerned, the gas is blown into the nozzle which increases the velocity. This high-velocity gas is then converted into electric arc current which changes the temperature and turns the gas into plasma. Thus, it makes convenient for you to cut through the metals.

The plasma cutters can be used by;

  • Metal artist to precisely cut and carve a sculpture
  • Assists contractor and trade workers
  • plumbers
  • Builders

Things to Consider before Buying a Plasma Cutter

Never jump into buying any product without critically analyzing its functionality and feature that it has to offer.  However, to buy the best plasma cutter you need to consider the following of the factors;

1.      Cutting Efficiency

Test the cutting efficiency of the machine beforehand. Run it through the metal with the thickness the product claim to have the capacity to cut. The machine with fine cut would be your best buy.

2.      Probability

If you have cutting entail too much moving of the machine then it would be wise to purchase a portable and light one.

3.      Maintenance

A plasma cutter is a powerful machine with several parts attached to it. To avoid getting it all tear-off maintain it according to its needs.


A plasma cutter makes the metal cutting process much easy if it is a high-quality product. To find the high-quality product you can have a look at the best plasma cutter under 1000 mentioned above. They are available at a reasonable cost and are durable/ strong as well for precise metal cutting.